What We Lost



Holly lost it with Jordan Finer after a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Martin lost it in a parking lot with his middle-aged next-door neighbor. Greg lost it with Claire in her mother’s bed, a towel over the sheets. Through six true stories, ranging from the hilarious to the heartbreaking, What We Lost is a deeply honest dance-theater piece that explores the circumstances, emotions, and complexities of losing it.


What We Lost received its world premiere at The Muse in Brooklyn for four performances in October, 2015 (under the auspices of what would later become Theatre Uzume). It was directed by Suzanne Karpinski, and featured Jeffrey Adams, Kelsey Foltz, Janice Gerlach, Nic Marrone, Brent Schultz, and Aurea Tomeski.

What We Lost was developed during the CoLab 1 class at The New School for Drama. The director and ensemble were the same as the later version at The Muse, with two exceptions – Amy Fulgham in place of Kelsey Foltz and Jorge Chapa in place of Jeffrey Adams.

To see some photos from the production, visit Theatre Uzume.

To read the text, visit the New Play Exchange (must be a member to download) or e-mail me at meh2151@gmail.com.


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