Short Plays


Photo by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Many of my short plays are available to read online. Please contact me at for performance rights. Plays may not be performed or distributed without written permission from me.


The Hound at Midnight – 1M/1F, Melancholy Horror

An elderly couple. A storm. A dog.

This short radio play was written for the Apparitions podcast. It features Mike Callahan and Anna Savant, and is directed by Robert A. K. Gonyo. You can listen to it here.


A Little Death – 1M/1F, Grand Guignol

Susan, a virgin, summons an incubus to deflower her, but finds she is in for more than she bargained for.

A Little Death was read at Peculiar Streams featuring Janice Gerlach (Susan) and Max Chernin (Mr. Pendulum), directed by the author.

Click here to read.


Look Both Ways – 2 roles (flexible male or female) – Comedy

A dedicated educator tries in vain to impart a basic lesson to a difficult pupil.

Click here to read.


A Waste: An Ambiguous Lehrstuck – 4M / 2F – Comedy

Lisa’s life passes her by while in the bathroom, beholden to her master the Toilet Troll.

A Waste was read at Peculiar Streams featuring Leslie Marseglia (Lisa), Aurea Tomeski (Mom), Jeff Adams (Boy), Brennan Lowery (Husband), Elizabeth Klein (Child, age 6 and Adult Child), and Noam Blanks (stage directions). It was directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham.

Click here to read.

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