Material for Malcolm Porter


Material for Malcolm Porter is a play about the intersection between life and art. Malcolm Porter, a memoirist, believes in telling the truth. He believes in the truth so much that he’d rather bend real life for a good story than write a lie. This is all good and dandy for him, but when Kathy gets involved, an impressionable young girl he begins dating, things start to get complicated. For her, it’s love, but for Malcolm, there’s a thin line between honest emotional expression and manipulative psychopathy…

Full-Length Drama (2M / 2F) (Read the play on the New Play Exchange or email me a request at


Material for Malcolm Porter was given a staged reading by TACT (The Actors Company Theatre) in the 2012 newTACTics Festival (June, 2012). The reading featured Jessiee Datino, Jake Green, Louis Hobson, and Kristen Vaphides. Jack Ramsey did the music. It was directed by Barry Satchwell Smith.


To read an essay I wrote about the play, please visit the TACT page here.


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