Dry Bones

triumph_of_death_brueghel cropped

Harry, Larry, and Barry don’t quite fit in with the rest of the living dead. Sure, they need human flesh to survive, but must the skeleton army so viciously raze its way across the post-apocalytic plain? OK, the living are a festering sore destroying each other and the known world, but is the only solution to wipe them out? And yes, it is an indisputable fact that the dead have risen from their graves, but for what purpose?

Equal parts Bruegel, Beckett, and Three Stooges, Dry Bones is a new play by Matt Herzfeld, an existential comedy that asks not about the meaning of life, but the meaning of death.

Dry Bones received a developmental reading on Friday, September 16th as part of NYC Friday Night Footlights. It featured Jim Anderson, Greg Carere, Mackenzie Knapp, and Nic Marrone (with Kelsey Foltz on stage directions), and was directed by the author.

To read the text, visit the New Play Exchange (must be a member to download) or e-mail me at meh2151@gmail.com.