Crown Heights


Four recent college graduates housing together in a rapidly gentrifying section of Brooklyn navigate friendships, lovers, and each other in a tragicomic coming-of-age tale inspired by Chekhov. Jan hates people but loves creating chaos. June only wants to be loved, but struggles to return the emotion. April desperately tries to balance her art and boyfriend. And Ember seeks to escape her pain, any way she can…


Crown Heights, a play in four acts, was developed in my second year CoLab class at the New School for Drama. I am grateful to the entire NSD class of ’14, every member of whom worked on the play at some point during the year.


An end-of-the-year developmental reading (Spring of 2013) featured Shelly Antony, Noam Blanks, Velson D’Souza, Elizabeth Fleming, Alfie Fuller, Elizabeth Klein, and Courtney A. Vinson. It was directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham.


Full-Length Comedy (3M / 4F) – to read visit the New Play Exchange or email a request to

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