Photo by Abigail Lloyd

My history with music is thus:


At age 3 I begged my parents to get me drum lessons, but they didn’t and I was too young to complain. I blame the fact that I am not a rock star on this.

Around age 12 I took piano lessons, but quit after a month or two because I thought I wasn’t good enough.

A year or two later I started playing clarinet in school, but quit after a year because I thought I wasn’t good enough.

Shortly after starting college, I decided that I had to play a musical instrument in order to be a well-rounded Renaissance Man. I chose the ukulele for three reasons: it had less strings than a guitar, it was cheap, and I could easily find fun old-timey sheet music with ukulele chords written right in it.

I practiced obsessively for about a year on the uke until I reached a minimal level of competence, and decided at that point to settle on mediocrity rather than mastery.

Now, I own four ukuleles: a soprano (not sure of the brand, but it’s a vintage one I bought at a flea market), a baritone (ditto), a Stagg electric uke, and a Tombo Ukulet (a crazy vintage Japanese electric uke; the picture there shows the 6-string version, but I have a 4-string). My sister has a really awesome electric ukulele handmade by Rob Dick of Jupiter Creek Music (sadly, he passed away two years ago), and she sometimes lets me borrow it.

I played a few weddings with a wonderful flutist and delightful individual named Karla Harby.

Here is a video of us playing an instrumental version of Paper Moon.

Here is a video of me singing Ukulele Lady.

(Sadly, the links for the above videos no longer work – oh well! It’s better in your imagination than it actually was anyway).

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