’59 RPM


‘59RPM is a dance theater whirlwind that punctures the bubble gum veneer of nostalgic American Pop madness, illuminating the violent currents beneath the lovable tunes of 1959.

I was a contributing writer to this dance theater piece from Current Harbor, which was performed in the summer and fall of 2016 at HERE Arts Center and Brooklyn Studios for Dance. Choreographed and directed by Annalisa Ledson, co-directed by Jamie Watkins, with text by Julia Blauvelt, Lori Parquet, and myself. The cast consisted of Matthew Brown, Ruby Hanky, Kelsie Jones, Alexandra Peter, Gabby Sherba, & Brock Switzer. You can see some pictures from the production here.

In addition to writing short scenes and monologues, I also contributed an original song to the production. Listen to a demo recording of it here.