Photo by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Fellow Playwrights (In Alphabetical Order):


Sam Byron

Nick Gandiello

Molly Haas-Hooven

Stephen Karam

Clare Kiechel

Dan Kitrosser

Claire Moodey

Alice Pencavel

Christopher Shinn

Celine Song

Ariel Stess


Some Directors I Like (In Reverse Alphabetical Order):


Kai Hsiang Tu

Paul Takacs

Brad Raimondo

Suzanne Karpinski

Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Robert A. K. Gonyo

Stephanie C. Cunningham

Melissa Crespo


Other Cool People (In A Random Order):


Drew Schultz

Roy Edroso

Sarah Dooley

William Cusick

Kyle LeMaire

Robert Banks

Karla Harby

George Themelis (Dr. T)

Max Chernin


Places / Organizations / Things That Tickle Me:


Peculiar Streams (A bi-monthly variety show I co-curate)

Toys and Tiny Instruments

Crisis Chronicles Press

Dreamscape Theatre

Wide Eyed Productions

Ugly Rhino Productions

New School for Drama

Naked Angels

Cleveland Public Theatre

Marilyn Bianchi Kids Playwriting Festival / Dobama Theatre

TACT (The Actors Company Theatre)

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