Photo by Abigail Lloyd


Matt Herzfeld (who is writing this biography in the third person) was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1988, which makes him one year older than the first Batman movie (really the second, if you count the Adam West one, or maybe the third or fourth, if you count the old 40’s serials as movies). His parents thought Brooklyn was too scary a place to grow up in, so they moved to Shaker Heights, Ohio, which is famous for its big houses, early experiments in integration, and the Mad Bomber of Shaker Heights (let’s forgot that horrible Shia LaBeouf flick, made by people who have never been to Shaker and seem to have little general interest in geographic authenticity). His father studied as an actor, his mother is a poet, and his sister is a painter/illustrator. Over the years, he’s worked with all of them on various projects (going back to before he could write, when his parents would dutifully transcribe his ramblings and write them alongside bizarre phantasmagorical pictures of vampires with circular feet).

After an early interest in filmmaking, Matt drifted over to plays by his teenage years, bolstered by his high school’s strong theater department and an early positive experience with the Marilyn Bianchi Kids Playwriting Festival (run by excellent Cleveland-area powerhouse Dobama Theatre). He received his BFA in Creative Writing at Columbia, and his MFA in playwriting at the New School for Drama (where he studied under several esteemed playwrights including Christopher Shinn, Jon Robin Baitz, Laura Maria Censabella, Stephen Karam, Michael Weller, Nicole Burdette, and Frank Pugliese).

Matt’s plays have been produced or given workshops/readings at such places as Dobama Theatre, Cleveland Public Theatre, TACT (The Actors Company Theatre), Ugly Rhino Productions, Naked Angels, Theatre Uzume, Wide Eyed Productions, the Dreamscape Theatre, Peculiar Streams (which Matt co-hosts), and The New School for Drama, where he was a recipient of the Ted Snowdon Playwriting Fellowship. Matt is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild.

To learn more about Matt’s plays, please follow the individual links to the side. You can download Matt’s theatrical resume here.

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