Donate to Dreamscape Theatre!

Big news to announce! My play The Improbable Fall, Rise, and Fall of John Law Part 1 has been granted a residency at the IRT in March, 2016! It will be produced under the auspices of Dreamscape Theatre and the direction of Brad Raimondo.

I am so thrilled that this play is happening, and I’ll finally have a chance to share one of the most ambitious and exciting projects I’ve written with an audience. But we need your help!

Producing theater isn’t cheap, so Dreamscape has begun a year-end fundraising drive. We’re already past the half-way point, but we could still use your support. Please donate and help us bring John Law to life! Dreamscape is a 501(c)3, so your donation is tax deductible.

To donate and learn more about Dreamscape (and read an interview with me), go here:

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